Online courses


Few years ago, pandemic situation forced many changes in our daily lives. But it turned out such circumstances can boost personal growth and feed one’s passions. Some of us started working remotely, we organize our time differently, and we have become far more flexible. Thanks to this we can have classes at a preferable time without leaving our homes.

Modern technologies proved to be extremely helpful and it’s worth taking advantage of them even for such an uncanny purpose as the process of icon painting. 

Therefore, I decided to include new ways of communication to my educational practice. With new methods also content had to be reviewed and processed in a more intuitive way. 

Our cooperation starts with choosing an icon according to your tastes and abilities. I provide or help with gathering necessary tools and supplies such as wooden boards, brushes or pigments. Within the online course I share with my students all learning materials designed by myself and proven by practice over the years. These are video tutorials, drawings, simplified schemes explaining human’s anatomy or other difficult parts, ways of working on details, compositional analysis, ornaments and letters designs, and other materials created on a spot if necessary, according to individual requests. I offer online courses in two options:

1. Remote consulting in form of remarks

We are operating on digital photographs made on each stage of the icon painting process. I carefully analyze current results of your work and apply remarks with description on your photo file in a graphic program. The whole process is guided by me from very beginning till finishing of the icon.

This learning method is particularly recommended for advanced students who have experience of working independently.

One-time fee for learning materials and 10 consultations as described above – 280 €

2. Full individual classes

Traditional formula based on direct communication by video calls. During live meetings we discuss each stage of the creative process and plan subsequent steps. In addition, some visual consultations are provided/intended (graphical remarks applied on digital files)

This course is suitable both for beginners and more advanced students.

Payments for one class (video call via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.) including one consulting – 30 €

Payment method and meeting frequency are set individually according to your needs. First 30-min trial class (videocall) is free.

For those of you who are only beginning their adventure with icons or aren’t sure where to purchase needed supplies I provide sets of necessary materials (paid separately). Kit contains: grounded board, set of 6 professional brushes Roubloff, 11 pigments, drawing and painting materials. If used correctly, these supplies might serve you even a couple of years!

Feel free to contact me!