At first, it’s best to start with a simple conversation, via phone call, email, messenger or WhatsApp. Finding the most appropriate topic, size, style of icon might be confusing… I fully understand these dilemmas and always do my very best to make the final result (a ready icon) meet our even most exigent expectations.

I aspire to get to the bottom of your needs. If your mind isn’t yet made up, I would be more than happy to propose my options, adjust the size and color palette, and show you the examples.

After establishing all the details, my work on the icon begins. This is a purely creative process, even if often based on pre-existing templates. During painting I listen to my sensitivity, which prompts me for some interesting solutions, sometimes more appealing than initial ones.

Feel free to view my previous works in the tab “gallery”, especially the newest ones – they can tell you the most about my current style. 

Realization of orders:

  • Choosing a topic, browsing templates. 
  • Setting a deadline, adjusting dimensions, type of decorations, gilding and final price. On this stage you can consider adding some dedication and gift wrapping – exemplary pictures below. I encourage you to fill a short questionnaire which will sum up all our arrangements and provide an order’s confirmation: Order questionnaire
  • For orders exceeding the value of 300 €, 25% down payment will be required. 
  • Shipping will be made after receiving payment. I issue invoices. There’s a possibility for personal pickup after the previous arrangement.
  • In the case of ordering an icon, minimal realization time is approximately 2 – 3 months

For special extra paid request:

  • I share a sketch of the icon for confirmation; compositional and color changes are possible.
  • I can consult each stage of painting with sent pictures
  • I share photographic documentation of creative process
  • Sending a picture before shipping is possible.

Advices for orderers

Hand painted icons can be a gift idea suitable for almost every occasion. 

Instead of unnecessary dust collectors or unfortunate ideas, an original, hand painted icon can be an unforgettable gift presented to a dear person. It can highlight the celebration of precious life’s moments and become a souvenir for long years. The link to the Christian tradition also matters greatly, as it conveys the valuable meaning of special celebrations we cherish among closest relatives and friends.

After making a decision about commissioning an icon many doubts might occur – which icon to choose? How to adjust a picture’s symbolism to a particular occasion? There are some solutions:

  • Wedding: the most suitable for Newly Married couple will be icon of Virgin Mary (Breastfeeding as an example) or icon of Christ or Holy Family
  • Christening: icon of Guardian Angel or Saint patron
  • Holy Communion and Confirmation: the best choice seems to be Christ icon (especially the Good Shepherd or the Teacher), Guardian Angel or saint patron
  • Birthdays/Name’s days: every icon, but the best choice will be the one chosen by receiver
  • Christmas, holidays, anniversaries, other occasions: Nativity, Resurreccion…

Every icon commissioned in my workshop has a hanger and label with a short description consisting of data such as title, technique, dimensions, author and year of creation. For special requests I add a decorative dedication card and specific description of the given icon.